University of Regensburg Trenner Faculty of Chemistry Trenner Analytical Chemistry
Chemo- and Biosensor Group

Research Interests

  • Synthesis of luminescent transition metal complexes as labels for proteins and DNA (Ru, Ir, Re)
  • Luminescence immunoassays (based on luminescence intensity and decay time)
  • Polarization immunoassays (PIA)
  • Luminescent probes for FRET and PRET (immuno-)assays
  • Thiol-reactive probes (Ru)
  • DNA intercalators (Ru, Eu, Tb)
  • Determination of saccharides using boronic acids
  • Enzymatic assays based on the Europium-Teracycline Complex (EuTc)
  • Assays for hydrogen peroxide based on the change of the luminescence decay time of Europium-Tetracyclin complex (EuTc)
  • Application of EuTc in (decay time based) imaging of hydrogen peroxide or enzyme substrates
  • Luminescent probes for phosphate
  • Luminescent probes for copper
  • Luminescent probes for metabolites of cancer cells
  • Luminescent probes for hydrogen peroxide
  • Sensor strips for amines
  • Sensors for pesticides

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