University of Regensburg Trenner Faculty of Chemistry Trenner Institute
Institute of Analytical Chemistry,
Chemo- and Biosensors

We are here:

How you can come to us:

By plane:

via Munich (recommended):

There are two possibilities to get to Regensburg from Munich Airport (MUC).

The first option is to use the Airportliner shuttle service. This service picks you up directly at the terminal and brings you straight to your hotel. The price is 38 Euro per person one-way, but if you travel in groups of two or more to the same hotel, the price will be 29 Euro per person. This service has to be booked online.

The second option is to go to Regensburg by public transportion. From the airport, there is a bus (number 635) every 20 minutes to Freising. The bus stops are located in the ground level nearby the terminals. Take a look at the detailed map of the airport. The exact schedules can be found at Deutsche Bahn website (enter: "München Flughafen Terminal" and "Freising Bahnhof"). The ticket for the bus costs 2,20 € and can be bought directly from the driver. From Freising there is a regular train service to Regensburg (one train per hour). The schedule is also available at Deutsche Bahn website. The ticket for the train costs 16,10 € and has to be bought from vending machines at the station. For groups, there is a cheaper option, to buy a "Bayern Ticket". This ticket is valid for bus and train and costs 27 €. One ticket can be used for up to five people. From the train station in Regensburg, buses and taxis are available for local transportation. See the information below.

via Nuremberg, or Frankfurt:

From Nuremberg Airport and Frankfurt Airport you can take a train to Regensburg. The train connections can be looked up at the Deutsche Bahn website.

By train:

For train connections to Regensburg, please check the Deutsche Bahn website for schedules and fares. Regenburg has only one train station called "Hauptbahnhof" (Hbf). From the railway station you can take a Taxi or a Bus (Number 6 or 11) from the central bus stop "Albertstraße". The Bus stop at the university is called "Universität Mensa". The fee for the bus is 1,80 Euro, tickets can be bought from the driver or at vending machines.

By Car:

Regensburg ist at the intersection of Autobahn A3 (E56) and Autobahn A93. driving directions directly to a parking lot nearby the institute can be calculated by the sevices from Google. For using GPS as guidance please use the coordinates: E12.09721°, N48.99674° or as destination address: Josef-Engert-Straße, 93053 Regensburg, Regensburg, Bayern, Deutschland.

From the campus:

The office of our institute is located in the first floor of building "Chemie 1.1". It can easy be find when you take the entrance number 11. When arriving via the campus of the university, cross the pond and pass left on the first parting of the way. You will come to a road below the building. When you cross it, entrance 11 will be the first entrance left to you. From there you will find signs to the office. The Map of the University may assiste you.


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