University of Regensburg Trenner Faculty of Chemistry Trenner Analytical Chemistry
Nanomaterials for Sensor Applications


We are currently synthesizing and investigating upconverting nanoparticles from the type NaYF4 doped with rare-earth metal ions with diameters less than 30 nm. We also prepare magnetic nanoparticles from iron and iron oxide. We also do the preparation and chemically modification of carbon nanomaterials, e.g. graphene and graphene oxide from graphite or carbon nanodots from carbonhydrates. Another class of materials are photonic crystals made from polystyrene nanoparticles in hydrogels. All these materials will be further functionalized for sensor applications.

Techniques and Instrumentation

We use a Biosuplar surface plasmon resonance spectrometer from Mivitec and a home made surface plasmon resonance imaging device for the development of optical sensors. For characterization of nanomaterials and surfaces a DXR Raman microscope from Thermo is available. Electrochemical measurements are performed with a potentiostat from CHInstruments.


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