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Chemical Analysis of Animal Cells by Mass Spectrometry

Analysis of Animal Cells

Animal cells are chemically analyzed using a dual beam secondary ion mass spectrometer. A Bi-cluster ion source is used to generate secondary ions of the sample surface which are analyzed in a time-of-flight mass analyzer. Scanning the sample with the focused ion beam generates a 2D chemical image of the sample surface. A second ion source is used to erode the sample in between two subsequent imaging cycles. Sputter erosion removes a thin layer of the organic material ( app. 20 nm) and exposes a new, inner surface of the sample. Subsequent cycles of sputter erosion and chemical surface imaging generate a 3D image of the cell providing chemical contrast. The intensity images shown on the right are color-coded as follows: red - amino acid fragments; green: membrane fragments; blue: fragments of the growth substrate. Images a, b,c and d show the lateral distribution (xy) of the respective secondary ions in a certain depth within the sample. Image f provides a side view on the sample and, thus, distribution of chemical species perpendicular to the sample surface (xz).

This project is pursued in close cooperation with Tascon GmbH, Münster.


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